Focus Groups

Focus on Success Series  –  Imagination, Ink’s Focus on Success Series is a set of virtual focus groups (VFGs) that are designed to listen to, learn from and strengthen relationships for customers, sales reps, association members, etc. With a group of 8-10 high-value stakeholders, we serve as a neutral third party facilitating two, sixty-minute sessions. You will gather important intelligence to build successful strategic plans, tactics and messaging for your organization.

There are reasons to listen carefully:

  • Complaints are an opportunity to learn and grow. Make sure you thoroughly understand them. Praises are important validation that you are doing something right and should not waste resources trying to change it.
  • When decision-makers really listen, relationships improve, meetings and products are more successful, stakeholders feel valued, more people participate, and loyalty is strengthened.
  • Assumptions are the enemy. You can be wrong. Validation is key to ensuring you are on target to succeed.



  • Focus Question: “What can we do to help you be more profitable, successful, and satisfied with our service/product?”

Sales Reps

  • Focus Question: “What can we do to help you to make your job easier, enjoy your job and sell more?

Association members 

  • Focus Question: “What can we do to help you receive more value from your membership?”


For each focus group project, Imagination, Ink’s Research Team will provide:

  • VFG schedule management. (Inviting participants)
  • A Focus on Success Pre-event for attendees: a brief survey of scheduled attendees to confirm expectations.
  • A Focus on Success  Pre-event for clients: a brief survey to confirm expectations and establish measurable baselines with which to monitor outcomes for strategic planning. (i.e., sales numbers, satisfaction rates, etc.).
  • A draft email invitation that relays the importance of the people being invited to contribute and the value placed on their experience, knowledge and opinions.
  • A Discussion Guide draft for your input and approval.
  • Event production and recording.
  • A professional moderator to explore Discussion Guide topics with attendees.
  • A Focus on Success Summary Report: Includes a Highlight Summary, Discussion Guide results, and the recording.

NOTE: Honoraria for attendees is optional and would not be distributed by Imagination, Ink.