Design Thinking Case Studies

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Design/Interior/Kitchen – IKEA

How we will cook, eat, and socialize at home in the future. Credit: IDEO

Healthcare/Hospitals – Hand sanitization

We go to hospitals expecting to get better. But in many cases, they only make you sicker. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 2 million Americans contract Hospital Acquired Infections, resulting in 100,000 deaths and over $30 billion in costs to the health care system per year. Credit: 

Healthcare/Hospitals – Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Long dreary corridors, impersonal waiting rooms, the smell of disinfectant — hospitals tend to be anonymous and depressing places. Even if you’re just there as a visitor, you’re bound to wonder, “How can my friend recover in such an awful place? Will I get out of here without catching an infection?” The transformation of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital suggests that it doesn’t have to be this way. Credit:

Pharmaceutical – Dr. Reddy’s

Helping a global pharmaceutical company home in on a core purpose that unifies employees and aligns their passion with a corporate strategy. Credit: IDEO

Retail/Butcher Shops.

“If this were a good idea, someone would have done it already”: this is what a design thinking team heard, over and over again, when trying to develop new business concepts for traditional butcher shops in Germany. As design thinkers and fans of wild ideas, they were used to skepticism – but definitely not to the level they’ve encountered in this project with the butchers. Credit:

Retail/Textiles – Vlisco

The Dutch company Vlisco produces traditionally crafted ‘Dutch Wax Print’ fabrics for West African markets. The organization faced disrupted markets, competition, and Chinese counterfeit – and used design thinking to come up with a new vision to secure its future. Credit: