Seminars and Webinars

Digital technology has brought excitement and enjoyment back into the printing industry.
Digital technology has brought excitement and enjoyment – and profitability back into the printing industry.

IMAGINE THAT!  –  mind-expanding customized seminars and webinars for your customers and prospects.


All your customers need help keeping up with change. Customized for your company’s capabilities, and by using the tools of Design Thinking, this seminar will reveal to your customers and prospects  how to immediately and effectively put your cross-media technology to work for themselves. 

Times are changing, but we know that print has never lost its importance. In today’s world, print is an essential part of the cross-media marketing mix. Your customers, while accompanied by your sales rep and key staff, will learn how to put new cross-media technology to work – social media, one-to-one and mobile marketing, interactive print and much more. Your customers will discover how all this can be seamlessly and effectively integrated with print technology.

The key to the program is  a unique hands-on session in which participants will work together to create new-to-the-world marketing programs right on the spot! Brainstorming groups will build a one-to-one cross-media marketing program that they can take back to their offices for implementation. It’s a session of fun and excitement producing practical actionable results. Since your sales reps will be involved, it is like making a sales call and “listening” to their customers’ needs and mutually coming up with a potential solution in real time.

Best of all, we’ll tailor the content to fit the story you want to tell your customers and prospects.

Lunch n Learn Webinars

Customers short on time? Of course they are.  So we’ll control the length of the program to fit their schedule. Choose the subject, and we’ll tailor the content to the messages you want to send. Be creative. Have lunch delivered to the customers’ desks just before the scheduled presentation. Your sales rep can be the delivery boy/girl and stay and join them.

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