Hello digital printers – welcome to the world of Imagineering.

We cannot avoid the fact that many of us are now competing with present and former customers – the advertising and marketing agencies. They traditionally have played the role of being the innovators and creators of great (and not so great) marketing campaigns. That’s where the high-value profits have been. That’s where we want to be.

How do we compete with these entrenched agencies? We digital printers (aka marketing services providers) have never had so many new-to-the-world products and services that can help our customers succeed. However, in order to use them effectively,  we need to think differently. We need to become creative. We need to “imagineer”.

Some  excellent answers on how to become a creative and innovative organization  can be found in the book “Borrowing Brilliance” by David Kord Murray. It presents the six steps to business innovation by building on the ideas of others. Frankly, it’s the best business book I’ve ever read, and I heartily recommend it to every sales and marketing manager and every rep in the industry.

What are your ideas on how to convert from printer to marketing services provider?

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